From the company's Switzerland based office,

Ausral Technologies supplies and serves a diverse and international customer base.


Ausral Technologies is predominantly sourcing commercial grade steel products from steel mills and third-party suppliers in Turkey, India, China, Brazil and South Africa, supplying mainly the Sub-Saharan African market.


It's Ausral Technologies main objective to provide the customer with the right product at the right time. As a consequence, the company monitors every step of the supply-chain, from procurement to product delivery.


Sourcing from the Sub-Saharan African market, Ausral Technologies supplies steel mills and third-party cutomers around the globe with steel scrap.


Moreover, Ausral Technologies has a thorough knowledge of the steel trading industry of several Sub-Saharan African countries. Therefore, the company offers consulting services to both international and Sub-Saharan African steel trading related businesses and institutions.

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